Addiction, Take II

Thsi is for you, I hope you'll read this one day, I hope you'll know it was me who wrote it, I hope you'll know it was for you I wrote this. You're a player, a bloody player, you play with me, with my mind, with my heart and you don't even realize what you do to me!!! You flirt me in a way of which you know very well that it is forbidden, if someone hears you and gets the wrong idea it'll cost you your fucking job. All just for a game. If you were serious at least, it'd maybe be worth it. But you're just playing. But you know what? I'm tired of shutting the fuck up not to say anything wrong, not to put you in a bad situation or what-the-fuck-ever were my reasons to shut the fuck up until now! I've had it, really. You wanna play? Fine, so we'll play. But don't cry if ever you lose.

I love you and I wish I could hate you. Yours,

Cecilia Carax.

3.6.08 16:38

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