Okay... So here are some of the poems I wrote. Writing is the path of the soul leading out of the body and into the world, at least so I believe. Leave comments, if you want to, but please stay polite. Yours faithfully,




Death of an angel 

Rain falls down on a summer’s day

It shall wash all dirt away.

Doesn’t know, it’s all gonna stay

And all she can do is sit and pray.

Blood runs down since she’s always worn

This cruelly cursed crown of thorns.

Ever since this girl was born,

Her little heart and soul have been torn.

Too many thoughts keep bursting her head

She cannot stop thinking, it’s driving her mad.

That’s why, in her eyes, this world is bad

To live in this place, it makes her so sad.

Everything she always wanted to be

Was free as a dove and vast as the sea.

Swim with the dolphins and fly with the bees

Would make her forget this goddamned disease.

Scratching and cutting her veins with your eyes

Raping and hurting her heart with your lies

Do you know, that this lonely soul cries?

This is the way an angel dies.



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